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25 Best Easter Basket Gifts for Kids (2022)

March 21, 2022

Easter has always been a time to come together as a family. Parents get creative in organizing the annual Easter egg hunt, and the kids look forward to the search for chocolate in the backyard and finally finding their basket of treasures. In addition to the staples of the milk chocolate bunny and mini eggs, here are the best Easter basket gifts for kids in 2022 for under $20.

5 Surprise Mini Brands

Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands continues to be a top toy worldwide. These pint-sized versions of recognizable brands are a hot collectible for children ages 6-9. The Mini Brands Series 3 mystery capsules include grocery store items like Jell-O, Hershey’s, and Mentos, while the Mini Toys Series 1 capsules include tiny versions of lines like Crayola, Nickelodeon, and X-Shot blasters.

5 Surprise Mini Brands

Crazy Aaron’s Putty

This slime has an added level of fun in each tin — from the Crazy Aaron’s Ghostwriters series that allows kids to write secret messages on the putty in invisible ink, to the Magnetic Storms series that moves with the touch of a magnet. A great addition to 6-8 year old boys’ and girls’ Easter baskets.

Crazy Aaron’s Putty

Blume Flowerpot Surprise Dolls

Nothing says spring like flowers in bloom. Blume dolls grow out of their flowerpot on their own by just adding water, revealing a unique doll or pet character with accompanying accessories. The new Blume Flowerpot Girls Series 2 allows kids to re-“Blume” their character over and over again.

Blume Flower Pot dolls

PAW Patrol Mini Figure Blind Bag

For kids ages 3-5, adventures in the PAW Patrol world jump from the screen to the living room as they recreate rescues with their favourite pups. Each PAW Patrol: The Movie mini figure blind bag includes an Ultimate City Tower container kids open to reveal their character — will it be Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, or Ryder?

PAW Patrol Blind Bag Surprise

LOL Surprise

Still a reigning favourite collectible line for girls ages 5-9, LOL Surprise has a wide variety of themes to choose from, offering the same unboxing excitement for kids. From the Dance Dance Dance series to Color Change series to Sports series to Boys series, LOL Surprise has unique mini doll characters spanning a diverse range.

LOL Surprise Remix dolls

Barbie Color Reveal

Adding a splash of color and mystery to the Barbie line is the Summer Vibes Color Reveal series. The Barbie Color Reveal Baby Summer Vibes and Chelsea Color Reveal Summer Vibes series are the perfect sized toy to fit into an Easter basket. They also provide a fun unboxing experience as kids open the case, fill it with water, then swirl their doll figure around inside to reveal their character.

Barbie Color Reveal Summer Vibes dolls

Treasure X

Ninjas, monster, coffins, and gold. Treasure X offers 10 levels of unboxing adventure aimed at boys ages 3-5. Using the included tools, they can chisel, dig, and uncover hidden clues and pieces to build their surprise character. Each package also includes a hidden piece that could be Gold Dipped Treasure. Both the Treasure X Ninja Hunter and Treasure X Monster Gold Mini Coffin are under $15.

Treasure X

LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Cat Cube

These cute animal-themed compact cubes are perfect for fun on the go. Think LEGO-Friends-meets-Polly-Pocket. Each compact includes 40+ pieces that pack up into the cube as well as affixing to the cube base, so there’s no missing pieces when it’s moved. Available in Lego Friends Stephanie’s Cat.

LEGO Friends Cube

Hexbug Junkbots Alley Dumpster

Unlock the dumpster by breaking the chain, dump the junk, search for clues, and imaginations run wild as kids mix and match pieces to build unique characters. The universal socket system offers endless possibilities as they connect, dismantle, and reattach the modular junk pieces. Each Junkbots mini dumpster includes pieces to build 2 unique characters, as well as an energy module to light up the creations and bring them to life.

Hexbug Junkbots

Fun-on-the-Go Licensed Art Sets

These sturdy plastic mini art cases are perfect for budding artists — whether they’re riding in the car, on a plane, camping, or wherever family adventures take you. Available in themes like the Little Mermaid, Spider-Man, and Frozen, each travel pack includes colouring/activity pages, markers or crayons, and sticker sheets.

Fun-on-the-Go mini art kits

Itty Bitty Prettys

These adorable little characters are one of my favourite unboxing toys geared at girls! The Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise series offer a unique new way to unbox collectible characters, with a tea bag dipped in water to reveal the mini doll’s outfit, and a sugar cube that fizzes to reveal her accessories. The Hair Angels Surprise series has 6 different dolls to collect, each with their own stylish outfit, accessories, and colourful hairstyle. They’re prime for girls ages 3-5 with a love for collectible character dolls.

Itty Bitty Prettys

Style Squad Rainbow Trails Bath Bomb

Making bath time a little more magical. Style Squad’s Rainbow Trails Bath Bombs are a step above your traditional bath bomb. Fill the tub and set the cloud-shaped bath bomb in the water, then watch as it moves across the tub, leaving a bubbly rainbow trail in its wake.

Style Squad Rainbow Trails Bath Bombs

Smashers Mini Egg

Here’s an egg your son can smash over and over again — with no mess or destruction involved! Smashers is an awesome unboxing toy for boys who love dinosaurs. They can rip into the meteorite bag, claw through “lava” slime, and uncover their dino character pieces to build one of three characters (T-Rex, Spinosaurus and Stegosaurus). The mini egg lights up at the flick of a switch. Also available in the mini Volcano Lava Slime Surprise Series.

Smashers Eggs

Baby Born Surprise

Unwrapping these cute little bundles of joy, it’s no wonder Baby Born Surprise is a top choice for young girls when it comes to baby dolls. The Blooming Babies series and Sparkle Fly Babies series are beautifully wrapped and blossom open to reveal one of 12 baby characters and unique swaddle inside. And the Mini Babies Series 1 & 2 have a surprise of twins or triplets sleeping inside.

Baby Born Surprise

Blippi Figure Mystery Pack

Blippi has a special connection with preschoolers, and they’ll love learning their letters with Blippi and these ball pit mystery balls. Each contains a learning card and unique Blippi figure to match the letter discovered. Blippi Ball Pit Surprises also include a building block with different letters and shapes for more learnable, stackable fun.

Blippi Blind Ball

Creativity for Kids Mini Craft Kits

From pirate ships to fairies to butterflies, Creativity for Kids has a mini craft for that. Each includes supplies and easy-to-follow instructions to create a fun craft, like friendship bracelets, bookmarks, buttons, windchimes, magnets, and more.

Creativity for Kids mini craft kits

Pix Brix Building Blocks Mystery Boxes

Pix Brix are amazing building blocks that allow you to build vertically, horizontally, and off-centre using its simple one-block system. Available in themes like wilderness and arctic, each blind box includes pieces to build 3 different creatures. You can also find more templates online to building different creations with Pix Brix kits. Great for children ages 5+

Pix Brix Mini Blind Box building blocks

LEGO Dots Bracelets

Think friendship bracelets — LEGO style. Kids can design and redesign their own bracelet by snapping the brightly coloured Lego Dots tiles into place. Themes include Monster, Starlight, Mermaid Vibes, Ice Cream, Adventure, Cool Cactus, and Music, with sets of one or two bracelets. There are also Extra Dots available to create an even more custom piece of jewelry. Best of all, they retail for $6.99.


Kinetic Sand Surprise

Who doesn’t love the feel of this magical compound? Kinetic Sand is now available in a mystery reveal format, where kids can open the 4 oz. package of sand and dig through the sand to reveal their character — a Dragon, Unicorn, Tiki Volcano, or Yeti. Kinetic sand is made with natural sand, non-toxic, and never dries out! Bonus for parents: it offers easy, mess-free clean-up.

Kinetic Sand Surprise

Fashion Angels Unicorn Yoga Card Game

A fun, new take on your traditional yoga! Because unicorns make everything better. This card game can be played indoors or outside, making it great to take to the playground or park. Spin the wheel, assume the pose, and the first to do all 12 poses wins the game. Nothing complicated, but lots of fun and great exercise for all.

Fashion Angels Unicorn Yoga Card Game

Secret Crush Mini Pets

I absolutely love the appearance and concept behind Secret Crush Surprise. There’s just something so satisfying about smashing your way into these adorable sets. The Mini Pets series is opened by crushing the lollipop packaging against a table to find out what’s inside. Each set includes the pieces to build a mini pet figure, with a tail or hair that opens up to customize it with the included beads. The beads can also be used to create your own unique bracelet. There are 10 different pets to collect.

Secret Crush Surprise

J’Adore Lacing Mini Kingdom Tube

Toddlers can fine-tune their motor skills with this lacing toy made with large, natural wood beads. It includes 12 colourful bug-themed beads that fit perfectly in little hands.

J’Adore Wooden Lacing Kingdom


Share your favourite GIFs I.R.L. These animated figures are activated by pushing, pulling, turning, or twisting them and come with a unique message. They can also be collected and shared digitally by downloading the GIFs Gone Live AR App, then scanning the AR card from the pack to download a digital version of the GIFbit. The collection includes GIFs like Swaggy Sushi Dude, Typing Away Catly, and Party Poops.


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