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Are you a customer, blogger, or associated with a Canadian company? You’re able to make money with us through cross promotion! If you help promote our website through your audience, we will reward you with the sales you make!

We want everyone to benefit. We will offer discount codes to your audience and you so everyone gets the best deals through your promotions. Not to mention our prices are already below retail!

Influencers With Toy Promotion
Making Money On Toys
Making Money On Toys
Making Money On Toys

It's easy, and won't cost you a loonie!

Let's support each other and all the other local Canadian businesses.


Now you can send your friend 10% off to spend on anything in our online store. If they use the 10% off, we’ll send you a 10% credit.

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Do you have a website with a large following of Canadian parents? Send traffic to our online store and we will give you a special coupon code. Your audience will save, and you will receive commission!

Cross Promotion

Are you affiliated with a business that shares the same audience of Canadian parents? Let's find creative ways we can work together and support one another.



Our friends at CMS Famous Toys are signing resellers that will allow you access to specialized toy deals through bulk buying.
Bulk Buyers For Toys And Games
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