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Best Indoor Family Entertainment

January 13, 2022

We’re well into winter, and while there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors, sometimes the frigid weather here in Canada means bringing the entertainment indoors. Here’s a few ideas for family time as you cozy up in the living room or around the dining room table together. Keep the whole family entertained during the cold winter months with these great games, puzzles, crafts, and construction kits.

Best Adult Games, Puzzles & More

Classic Casino Deluxe Set

Bring Vegas to your living room with this Deluxe Cassino Set. It offers 3 games in 1 — Craps, Blackjack, and Poker. Designed for 2-10 players, your Vegas Night can be a date night or a fun night in with the guys or girls.

Classic Games

From Scrabble to Risk, there are so many classic games to choose from for a memorable game night with friends or family. You can even level up your game night with a whole theme — adding a little more mystery to Clue with accompanying themed drinks and appetizers.

Deer Pong

Having some friends over for a games night? This snarky deer adds another level of entertainment to your average game of beer pong. Teams frantically race to be the first to land their 3 ping pong balls in the antler cups, all while being heckled by Bucky the Stag.


Puzzling has become the newest trend in at-home family entertainment. It’s the perfect way to relax while listening to your favourite podcast or playlist. An added bonus: puzzles are proven to improve memory and mood, as well as decrease stress levels. There are an array of different themes and skill levels to choose from.

Diamond Painting

Similar to puzzling, diamond painting has taken off as a hobby that allows you to tune out the stress and tune into creativity. You can get lost in the process for hours, allowing your mind to wander and relax while you work your way towards completing a beautifully detailed piece.

Best Children’s Games, Puzzles, Construction & Craft Kits

Top New Family Games

With new games and new takes on old classics, there’s even more to choose from for family game night. Monopoly Builder allows players to travel the board and use builder blocks to build their city island. Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers is a flippin’ fast feeding frenzy as players launch plastic watermelons directly into the hippos’ mouths. And Crossed Signals is the fun new electronic game that gets players on their feet and trying to move in the right direction.

Pix Brix

These innovative building sets can keep kids creating for hours. With its revolutionary design, Pix Brix allows you to build vertically, horizontally, and off-centre. There are thousands of designs online for kids to choose from, or they can let their imaginations run wild and create something completely new.

Construction & Craft Sets

Whether it’s building a mini racecar or fashionable bracelets, construction and craft sets offer kids a creative outlet while they follow detailed instructions. It encourages critical thinking, builds confidence, and develops the creative mind. Fashion Angels craft kits allow kids to design a variety of things, from beautiful DIY jewelry to colourful 3D puzzles. And construction kits like Stanley Jr. Construction let kids build and paint their own little vehicles.

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