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10 Best Outdoor Toys of Summer (2022)

June 14, 2022

Summer is here, and that means backyard fun, beach time, and outdoor adventures. Outdoor play not only promotes physical health, but also improves motor skills, boosts moods, improves sleep, and provides an overall appreciation for the environment. And it’s great for us adults, too. In short, being outdoors just makes us all a whole lot happier. Here is a list of the best outdoor toys of summer.

X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters

Who doesn’t love an epic water battle? Some of the best childhood summer memories are made in water blaster battles with siblings and friends in the backyard. X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blasters are easily filled in under 5 seconds with a dunk in a bucket or pool. The water compartment on the back of each blaster opens up so you can quickly fill it and jump back into action.

X-Shot Water Blaster

Bunch-o-Balloons Rapid Fill Water Balloons

Quite possibly the greatest invention for parents who’ve had the painstaking task of filling and tying water balloons manually for their kids. Bunch-o-Balloons attach to any standard garden hose, filling multiple balloons at a time and sealing themselves when they’re full and ready for use. With the ability to fill 100 balloons in under 60 seconds, they’re perfect for children’s birthday parties. The Bunch-o-Balloons Water Slide adds even more fun outdoors, with two 16-foot lanes to slide on and race friends.

Bunch-o-Balloons Rapid Fill Water Balloons

Franklin Outdoor Family Games

Franklin Sports offers a wide selection of outdoor sports and activities for all ages — from children’s backyard play to beach games for teens and adults. These quality products are designed to last and offer years of outdoor fun for families. Some of our favourites for kids include the Franklin Soft Horseshoe Set, Franklin Kick Croquet, and Franklin Soft Tip Target Toss. Our best pick for teens and adults include the Franklin 2 Player Badminton Set, and Franklin Pickleball 2 Player Aluminum Paddle & Ball Set.

Franklin Soft Horseshoes

H2OGo! Water Slides

When this gets pulled out on a hot outdoor summer day, it’s guaranteed to bring the laughs. Available in both single and double lanes, the H2OGo! Water Slide surface is kept slick by water jets lining the sides, allowing kids to maintain their sliding speed from start to finish and the wet drench pool at the end allows them to touch down with a big splash.

Bestway Inflatable Pools

From splash and play activity pools to preschool-aged children’s pools, Bestway has a variety of quality inflatable pools for younger children to cool off in. Our favourites include the Bestway Sunnyland Splash Play Pool, complete with removable slide and centre fountain sprayer. We also love the Bestway 2.62m x 1.75m X 51cm Inflatable Pool, which offers easy set-up and is inflated to uphold pool sides with extra-wide sidewalls.

Bestway Sunnyland Splash Play Pool

Bestway Inflatable Pool Floats

Whether at the beach or in the backyard pool, Bestway’s inflatable floats make playing and relaxing in the water even more fun. Bestway offers durable products for pool and beach time. Our top picks are its Fantasy Unicorn Ride-On and Realistic Shark Ride-On. Check out our full selection of Bestway inflatable pool floats here for the best toys of summer 2022.

Bestway Inflatable Shark Pool Float

Nerf SuperSoakers

Nerf SuperSoaker has been a household name in water blasters for decades, and it continues to build and improve on its offering every year. The SuperSoaker Torrent provides a flooding blast of water to drench your target, holding 236mL of water in its tank. And the SuperSoaker Rainstorm unleashes a drenching blast of water, with a capacity of 650mL. Both water blasters are quickly and easily refilled by dipping the front of the blaster in water and pulling the plunger handle back to fill the tank.

Nerf SuperSoaker Rainstorm

Sidewalk Chalk

Take creativity outdoors with sidewalk chalk. It’s an activity that helps develop gross motor skills, encourages creativity, and allows them to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors all at once. But it’s not just an activity for younger kids, which is what makes it one of the best outdoor toys for summer. Check out the amazing creations sidewalk chalk artists have made. Chalked Sidewalk Chalk is available in 4-pack, 20-pack, and 60-pack.

Chalked Sidewalk Chalk

Beach Sports

Bring a little friendly competition to your next beach day with family-friendly sports. Our favourites include the Franklin Thrown ’n’ Splash Set, which can be played in water or on land. We also love the Franklin Family Ladderball Set — perfect for playing on the sand or grass, and the frames fold up for easy storage, with compartments for holding the 6 tournament-style bolas.

Franklin Throw ‘n’ Splash

Nerf Outdoor Sports

Nerf Sports gear allows kids to try their hand at different sports in the comfort of their own backyard. Our top picks include the Nerf Power Blast Baseball Bat, which launches balls further than ever before, which makes it the perfect outdoor toy for summer. And the Nerf Trick Shot Golf Set, which can be played indoors or outdoors and comes complete with an adjustable putter, Nerf golf balls, ramp, and cups to assemble your own course and hit some cool trick shots.

Nerf Power Blast Baseball Bat

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